Brown Sugar

Brown Fine Grain Sugar

Appearance Brown free flowing crystalline sucrose complies
Taste & Odour Free from "off" odours and tastes complies
Polarisation 0Z (ICUMSA) 99.9 Min
Colour ICUMSA units 1100 – 1500 IU max
Loss on Drying % w/w (ICUMSA) 0.4 Max
Ash % w/w (ICUMSA) 0.5 Max
Reducing Sugars % w/w (ICUMSA) 0.5 Max
Grain Size
Mean Aperture MA millimetres (ICUMSA) 0.60 - 0.70
% < 250 micron % w/w ≤ 5
% > 2000 micron % w/w < 0.2
Total Bacteria per 10 grams ≤ 100
Yeasts per 10 grams ≤ 10
Moulds per 10 grams ≤ 10


Typical Uses:

  • Repackaging for retail sale.
  • Dry product formulation.

Product Hazard and Safety Information:

  • No product hazard or safety classifications have been identified.
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Sucrose is applicable.

Genetically Modified Origin (GMO) in Refined Sugars:

"United Sugar Company refines raw cane sugar purchased from suppliers who declare and maintain that their raw sugar is extracted only from cane of non-genetically modified origin. The refined sugar so manufactured is free of any raw materials containing or derived from genetically modified organisms."

Pesticide Residues:

"The product meets SASO standard for Pesticide residues".


Refined sucrose does not present any particular storage problems when stored in covered, dry ambient conditions that meet appropriate Food Standard Codes. Caking may occur after prolonged storage in cool to cold ambient conditions.


All sucrose product spills present effluent management problems because of microbiological degradation. Spills should be contained and recovered by mechanical means. Any such products should be considered to be "NOT FOOD GRADE".


  • Materials of Construction
  • Food standards apply to the design and materials of construction of any plant and handling equipment. Corrosion-resistant or stainless steel is preferred. Particular attention should be paid to the microbiological, environmental and effluent consequences of wet-cleaning process lines and product handling areas.

  • Some Engineering values
  • Bulk Density (approx.) 750 - 850 Kg/cubic metre


Brown Fine Grain Sugar is available in:

  • Saudi 50 kg laminated polypropylene bag.
  • Al-Osra 1 Kg Polyethylene bag.
  • Al-Osra 1/2 Kg Polyethylene bag.

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